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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Last of Us: Shiv Master?

My mind has been recently immersed in the world of The Last of Us. It's desolate and, if it wasn't for the constant companions, lonely.

Crafting items is done in real time so it's best to prepare an arsenal before opening that door. Choices must be made as there is rarely enough resources to craft everything that's desired. Molotov cocktails and first aid kits share the same ingredients, so you're often choosing between the two.

Is it worth healing to leave yourself defenseless when the clickers come or will a molotov be useless when you get swarmed by runners?

It's a simple choice really, but each choice makes you approach each situation differently which is the magic of the game.

The one thing that is definitive: Shivs are the most important piece of equipment you can craft. They can open locked doors, allow you to perform stealth kills and, after upgrading a specific stat, can help fend off attacking clickers.

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